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In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The prices are expressed in Euros TTC (all taxes included) per person or per hour in the case of rental - The number of people is limited to the capacity of the boat

The time slots are defined according to the navigable hours of the water bodies and their restrictions, and the services must comply with the regulations in force for each navigation site - If the weather conditions do not allow it, or if the waterway authorities impose a navigation restriction on the day of the service, then the service will be postponed to another period . Only InZeBoat is authorized to postpone or cancel a service booked in advance depending on the weather. A deposit of 50% of the total amount of the service will be requested when booking by credit card (VAD) - Any cancellation less than 48 hours cannot be reimbursed for the deposit - Arrival of passengers must be done 10 minutes before boarding. Payment of the balance or all of the tour package and the options chosen is made before departure.

Rules of life on board

Embarkation and disembarkation are carried out under the authority of the captain and in compliance with the instructions - Failure to comply with the safety instructions would lead to immediate disembarkation, without being subject to any reimbursement - The supervision of children remains under the supervision of responsibility of parents or accompanying persons - The occupants must not leave the ship under any circumstances except in cases of extreme urgency - We decline all responsibility for the loss of personal effects (Smartphone, jewelry, etc.) which have not been stowed at the captain's request - Swimming is prohibited.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Termes et CondO bons cadeaux

Gift Cards / Gift Vouchers

INZEBOAT offers to acquire Cards or Gift Vouchers on the website; To do this, the buyer must complete a contact/request form specifying the type of purchase, the amount in euros including tax, the method of payment as well as their email address and telephone number. Once the form has been received, INZEBOAT will issue the corresponding Check or Card, once the total amount has been credited; 3 payment methods are available: transfer, check, credit card for distance selling; and will send the relevant printable copy to the buyer by email.

Cards or Gift Vouchers are neither refundable nor exchangeable, and only valid for possible and active services during the navigation season defined on each card or voucher.

The videos, photos and illustrations on the site are not contractual. InZeBoat reserves the right to any modification of the site, images, photos, videos and illustrations and pricing.

Conditions Générales de Location

Tout ce que vous devez savoir avant de louer un de nos bateaux

Les locations sont de Mai à Septembre, 7j/7 :  08H00 - 21H/22H00

Une caution sera demandée avant le départ de la location:  CB ou Chèque

Toute heure de navigation entamée sera facturée

Le permis fluvial est exigé pour la location d'un bateau d'une puissance supérieure à 6 Cv (4.41 Kw)

Vous devez arriver 30 mn avant votre départ pour les formalités

Un briefing de prise en main et consignes sera réalisé avant votre départ

Un inventaire/état du bateau, de départ et de restitution sera réalisé pour chaque location

En cas d'avarie, de dégradation, détérioration ou perte d'un accessoire, d'une partie ou totalité d'un élément du bateau, Inzeboat conservera la caution jusqu'à l'estimation du montant

des réparations et remplacement du ou des accessoires 

Le nombre de personnes à bord est défini par le titre de navigation du bateau

ou le poids total admissible

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