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6 Peoples

6 People         €390

7-8 People     €445

9-12 People     €510

OUR "hellish cooler" contains puzzles and riddles of all kinds!

Will you be able to open it to taste everything it contains?

Duration 1h30


Content Cooler 6 People.

1 sausage - 1 verrine/Per. - Pâté - Chips

Cherry tomatoes - Mini Cheeses - Bread


6 Peoples

Walk with Musical Quiz

10 People max


Duration 1h30
45/50 min quiz


6 Peoples

Boat trip Barbecue

10 Personnes max


Duration 2h00


6 Peoples

10 People min.

Initiation+Bateau       65 €/Pers.

Init.+Balade+Bateau   85 €/Pers.

Segway initiation +/- 1h00

Segway ride 1h00

Boat trip 1 hour
with friendship glass

6 Peoples

Recreation Pack

+ 12 People

Animation Pack


Everything takes place around the Lounge boat!

From this boat different activities will be organized on the water and on land, as well as a possible aperitif or barbecue.


Water Bike

Boat without license

6 Peoples

Duration 2h00  

child birthday invitation
mousaillon diploma

10 Children max +
1 adult on board

1 activity on land
+ 1 hour of navigation

Piloting the boat and handing overdiploma

Boxes invitation and sweets offered


Ancre Ets
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